Car rentals

Type Inside Dhaka (Max 150 KM) Outside Dhaka (Max 250 KM)
CAR (A/C) USD 85.00/day USD 95.00/day
LITEACE (6-7 SEATS) A/C USD 90.00/day USD 99.00/day
HIACE (12SEATS) A/C USD 90.00/day USD 110.00/day
JEEP (Nissan Petrol/Prado) A/C USD 220.00/day USD 270.00/day
MINI BUS (26-29 SEATS) A/C USD 200.00/day USD 240.00/day

Important notes:

  • The above prices include all incidental costs like fuel, driver etc.
  • Normally 10 hours of service will be available in a day. For any excess use of the transport, extra charge will be made for extra hours.
  • Ferry & Parking charges are to be borne by the clients.
  • The authority reserves all rights to change the prices mentioned above without prior notice.