USA Visa

USA Visa

We provide assistance for USA visa. We deal with our each client with special attention & in such a way which is appropriate for her/him. Fresh passport holders can also get assistance from us.


Visa processing time: 

– Visa processing time depends on the client’s profile & purpose of the trip. Processing time depends on the embassy. It may vary from 7 days to 4 months or may be longer for administrative processing.


Visa application fees & processing costs: 

– Embassy fees & other charges: Around 15000 BDT 

– Service charges: Negotiable, Rational & Affordable. (15000 – 30000 BDT)


Processing cost depends on: 

– Type of visa you are applying for. (tourist, business, trade fare, conference, medical, student, journalists or media etc) 

– Purpose of your trip 

– Sponsor or invitation. 

– Personal profile & background (profession, education, bank, social involvement etc.) 

– Are you traveling individually, with family or as a part of a group or organization.


General Requirements: 

            – Passport (with visa or Fresh) 

            – Photo (2’x2′ with white background-USA size) 

            – National ID/Birth certificate 

            – Visiting card/ID card 

            – Educational documents. 

            – Personal Bio-data. 

            – Financial Documents 

            – Business/Professional Documents.


Important notes:

            – Documents must be submitted- original & photocopy both. After submission, you can take your original copy back.

            – If you don’t have enough knowledge about documents needed, no problem; We may help you legally to file up your necessary documents.

            – Khan Air Travels does not have any influence on getting visa, only the embassy is the authority to issue a visa